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Sensory Sleep

Sensory Sleep Inserts Collection

Sensory Sleep Inserts Collection

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Introducing the Sensory Sleep Inserts Collection designed exclusively for use with our luxurious wraparound eye mask. Our inserts will revolutionise your travel, sleep and relaxation routine. 


  • Customisable experience
  • Vegan friendly
  • Travel friendly
  • Fragrant relaxation
  • Soothing warmth
  • Cooling relief


5 pairs of disposable self-heating inserts, 1 pair of reusable cooling gel inserts, 1 pair of reusable lavender inserts.

Self-heating inserts:

These single-use inserts provide up to 30 minutes of soothing warmth, providing a deeply relaxing sensation perfect for dry eyes, winding down before bed, and promoting restful sleep.

Cooling gel inserts:

These reusable inserts offer up to 20 minutes of refreshing relief, ideal for alleviating hot flashes, reducing allergy-induced puffiness, or easing the strain from excessive screen time.

Lavender inserts:

These reusable inserts are your gateway to a tranquil multi-sensory retreat. They can be used individually for their aromatherapy properties or in conjunction with the self-heating inserts to deliver up to 30 minutes of soothing warmth, which compliments the lavender aroma. The lavender inserts can also be used alongside the self-heating inserts to reduce the heat sensation.

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  • How Do I Wear My Sensory Sleep Mask?

    • Unwrap your luxurious cushioned mask
    • Find a tranquil and relaxing place to rest and recline
    • Gently position the mask over the eyes and ears
    • Secure comfortably in place with the comfortable adjustable velcro fastener
    • Lay back, relax, and enjoy a heavenly escape for the senses 
    • Enjoy the blackout properties of the mask as you tune out your sense of sight and take your focus inwards
    • Drift off and discover the secret to a good night’s sleep
  • How Do I Use My Eco-Steam Self-Heating Pads?

    • Open up a pack of self-heating pads
    • Place one each in the white concealed pockets of your mask
    • Gently position the mask over the eyes and ears and secure with the velcro fastenings
    • Within a few minutes, you’ll begin to feel a gentle, soothing sensation as the pads heat up, warming your mask and deeply relaxing your eyes for up to 30-minutes
    • Allow yourself to blissfully relax as you enjoy a heavenly escape for the senses